Academic Programs featuring Art in Medical Education


Stanford School of Medicine - Arts, Humanities and Medicine Program

University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine - Humanities, Economics, Arts and the Law

Stanford School of Medicine, Arts, Humanities and Medicine

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus – Arts and Humanities in Healthcare

Yale School of Medicine – Medical Humanities & the Arts Council

Georgetown University – Interacting with the Medical Humanities

Florida State University – Department of Medical Humanities & Social Sciences

Dartmouth Medical School – Art of Observation Program

Drexel University College of Medicine – Medical Humanities elective ( The Practice of Making Abstract Art: Balancing Intuitive and Analytical Thought)

University of Texas School of Medicine – Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics Electives

Canada :

University of Toronto - Health, Arts, & Humanities Program

University of Alberta – Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

Dalhousie University - Humanities-HEALS Program, representing Healing & Education through the Arts & Life-Skills

Australia :

University of Newcastle - ArtsHealth: Centre for Research and Practice

Europe :

Durham University – Centre for Medical Humanities

Bristol University – Out of Our Heads: Art in Medicine

Southeast Asia :

University of Hong Kong – Centre for the Humanities and Medicine (Arts Projects)


The Society of Arts in Healthcare - organization dedicated to advancing arts as integral to health care -

NYU - Medical Humanities Resources Worldwide

The Literature, Arts, & Medicine Database - annotated listing of prose, poetry, film, video and art for teaching and research in Medical Humanities

Mayo Clinic – Humanities in Medicine programs

University of Massachusetts Medical School Humanities in Medicine (HIM) Collection

Scholarly database of articles on Arts & Medicine

Past Conferences

March 22 nd , 2011 – New York City , The Museum of Modern Art: Mapping Perceptions . Participants—including art and museum educators, artists, art therapists, policy makers, care partners, and professionals from care organizations—gathered to share information and generate conversation about our understanding of changing cognitive function, means and goals of learning, and forms and functions of the arts.

March 26 th , 2011 – Collegeville , PA , Ursinus College : “Look Again”: Strategic Arts-Based Education in Medical Schools Symposium . The symposium encompassed hands-on (eyes-on) workshops and panel discussions, as well as a Q&A session.

April 9 th , 2011 – Cambridge , MA , Harvard Art Museums : Cultivating Humanism: A Symposium on Medicine and the Arts . This daylong, interactive CME event will cultivate personal reflection and renewal and will help physicians further investi- gate the social and cultural facets of wellness, illness, and death.

March 2003 – University of California, Irvine : Training the Medical Gaze: Use of Arts in Medical Education ( March 2003) The purpose of this conference is to address the question "What new theoretical, conceptual, pedagogical, and research tools are necessary to build usable bridges between arts scholarship and medical education?" A panel of experts from the fields of medical education and from visual arts, drama, and music will discuss how exposure to the arts can contribute to the education of physicians, in particular their pertinence to "hard-to-teach" clinical competencies such as compassion, altruism, and empathy.


Medical Humanities (BMJ) – An international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in medical humanities

Ars Medica – Literary journal focused on the arts and healing

Hektoen International - online Journal of Medical Humanities

Arts & Health - official journal of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare

The Abaton - Des Moines University 's student-produced medical literary journal

Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine

Bellevue Literary Review – A Journal of humanity and human experience

Blood and Thunder – Arts journal published by the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

The Healing Muse - annual journal of literary and visual art published by SUNY Upstate Medical University 's Center for Bioethics & Humanities

Hospital Drive - The literature and humanities journal of the University of Virginia School of Medicine

Plexus – Journal of Arts and Humanities